Lest we forget, Greece gave the world of today the greatest boost in knowledge ever to come forth from any peoples.

Today much of that insight and epistemy is today frowned upon by those wanting to claim those advances as their own.. After all, what the Greeks accomplished is beyond a doubt some of the greatest advances in human thinking ever.

Yet, what peoples of the world, then and now, ever considered the universe around them? The answer is none. Even the Chinese, as great thinkers, were not the least concerned with universal ken. The Chinese were introverted.

The Greeks, on the other hand, were extroverts, asking questions about the universe, theorizing on the solutions, determining within fractions the circumference of the earth (I guess it was not thought of as flat).

Determining the atom to be the basis for all things. Developing mathematics on a scale never realized since that time. Being so far ahead of any culture as to be in a class of their own.

No group of people can lay claim to such a distinguished ancestry.

Let us not allow the continual erosion of Greek thought, nor allow the ever present prejudice of those that would reverse engineer this great heritage by latinizing it.

Keep GREEK thought GREEK!


Members of the Greek community need to gather thei resources and provide a solid frontin order to achieve the results necessary to advance the needs of the Greek-American community and our homeland, GREECE.

It is long past time to be silent and allow the United States to make foreign policy decisions that adversely affect Greece and areas of Greek settlement.

What is needed is for the Greeks to forget their regional differences and concentrate on a united Greek effort to promote and sustain pressure on those in power to reverse and insure that nothing as dramatic, nor as terrible as the removal of Greeks from smyrna or the occupation of Cyprus by a foreign power, ever happens again.

In fact, prolonged and protracted pressure, presented by a united Greek community, will do much to advance Greeks in the view of the power brokers.

Look at what other minority groups have gained by demonstrations and other means of applying pressure. It is simply a matter of the Greeks, thinking as a consolidated group.

Thinks as one force, Thing GREECE, We are Greeks first, last and always.

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